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Stakeholder engagement and strategies ebook review

This book deals with the importance of stakeholder engagement for any organization and its business strategy, how to identify, plan and manage these stakeholders. The book also provides the recommended strategies one can employ to engage stakeholders (with overall benefits and risks), common issues faced and how to avoid or reduce these issues with the help of certain commendations, along with basic definitions of stakeholders together with the stakeholder theory. Both traditional approaches and emerging trends and new practices are outlines together with tools and techniques that businesses can employ which help in plotting stakeholders and structuring them in a visual and orderly fashion are described in this document. The book's main purpose is to provide different types of industries with knowledge on the importance of stakeholders and how they can make an informed decision to select a suitable strategy that is appropriate in their field and for their stakeholders. This book also provides readers with several examples regarding stakeholder engagement both about other companies around the world and the authors own experience and work environment.

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Charith Pidikiti ebooks review

Charith Pidikiti

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