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Theme behind building ALEAP, India: People, Purpose, Principles ebook review

Women are good managers. When a woman can manage a house well she can manage the business as well. Women entrepreneurship is gaining importance in India because of the policies, schemes and the incentives by the government. Organizations like ALEAP India (The Association of Lady Entrepreneurs of Andhra Pradesh) India recognizes the need to encourage women entrepreneurship and started guiding women since 1993. The programs developed by ALEAP, the hand holding support, the institutional entrepreneur development trainings and skill EDP's have widened the scope for better future. The women who owned registered firms are only 30% but there are many more women who run their businesses in an unorganized way. This has to be addressed by the government. Voluntary organizations like Aleap have come forward to help these women to sustain their businesses by availing the possible incentives and grants. Women are leaving the jobs and start their lives as entrepreneurs to have flexibility to take care of home and business. Women owned businesses are gaining importance and traction. This book discusses how the voluntary organization ALEAP India started its journey, how its branches are emerged one after the other. It started with FAB cell (Facilitator business cell). Then it recognised the need for a piece of land to start their business, then proper training to run the business, then access to finance, then marketing etc. As these problems have raised, ALEAP has found solutions. The book covers how ALEAP is helping women entrepreneurs through their journey from 1993 until date.

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Charith Pidikiti

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