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DHRUV - Love Story Of An Alchemist ebook review

Can love inspire you to rise above all challenges and realize your destiny?

Some love stories are cherished, some become folklore but the saga of Dhruv & Emma marks the ascension of a man who went on to become a legend. The holy ghats of Banaras were witness to the inspiring story of Dhruv- the proverbial shining star who is destined for greatness but ravaged by misfortune and deceit. Blessed by Goddess Saraswati with an indomitable spirit, Dhruv dares to dream and rise above, as he and Emma embark on a journey of passion, redemption and dharma. Will Dhruv discover the higher purpose of his life? Will the love of Dhruv & Emma be fulfilled or is their love destined to be a tale of pain and melancholy? Can a man overcome misfortune and pre-destined hardships by the power of his will and karma?

Inside each of us, there is an alchemist raring to come out and spread its magic

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