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Plus Ultimate (Ultimate Mage #2) ebook download free

If you wound up making your home in a fantastical world full of magic and mystery, would you teach your friends and companions the skills that made you an Ultimate Mage?

And what if, while you were training a new generation of mages, a great evil rose up to threaten it all? What would you do then?

Would you go on a great quest into an unknown land? What if the wrathful dead started to rise to stop you? Or if a terrible new kind of magic was unleashed upon the land, something even you don't know you can stop, even though you're an Ultimate Mage?

Could you stop them? Could you save the kingdom and the forest?

Maybe it's time to take a step beyond Ultimate. If you think you can do it, let me show you the way.

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Simon Archer ebooks download free

Simon Archer

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