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Celebrate Parenthood: Change the World ebook review

This book is an attempt to emphasize that parents play a major role in shaping the character of their children. The world today requires kind, compassionate, responsible, confident people with a high emotional quotient. Essentially the pattern of families is nuclear these days. Hence, the responsibility of parents increases many folds to indulge in active parenting and thus helping to shape the future. My colleague gave me the idea to create this book. A book to address the issue of active and aware parenting. Soon my kids too pitched in.
Parenting is a difficult task. It seems as if the parents are always learning on the job. I am still a novice student in the class of parenting. I have attempted to write about my experiences with parenting until the age of pre-teen children. As far as balancing and renewing bonds with teenage children is concerned, I will write in-depth, in a forthcoming book. I often tell my kids that though I learned to be a good Doctor, no school taught me how to be a good mother, so they have to bear with my mistakes! This book is all about this journey fraught with many pitfalls and joys!
So, ladies and gentlemen, this book is an attempt to tell all the parents out there that you are doing a good job and to provide few tips for raising, confident, compassionate, and wonderful children.

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